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Welcome to Standard Guitar

We’ve rebranded!

Sometime in 2009 I went to my guitar class and found I was the only to show up. My teacher, the talented Nathaniel Braddock, set his plan aside and asked what I wanted to learn. Having always been mystified by how lead guitar was played I asked him to explain the relationship between chords and scales. He patiently drew it out, introduced me to CAGED theory, explained modes and how the tones they contained tied back to a chord progression.

That planted the idea of an interface showing a scale while the chords of a song were displayed. This started as a simple scale interface and grew to include a chord library. In May of 2015 these features were launched on awesomeguitarsolo.com.

However, the goal of allowing people to play along remained elusive until January of 2017. Experimenting with the Spotify API and a Python-based chord recognition module I was able to allow a user to search for any song and receive on-screen instruction on how to play rhythm and lead parts. The feature was completed over the next twelve months, building out interfaces and peripheral features.

The completion of the overall goal prompted a rebrand.  Awesome Guitar Solo was chosen to convey a “don’t-take-this-too-seriously” vibe, and it might’ve worked too well. Along with its suggestive mudflap girl logo, the brand distracted from the value of the resources present on the site and – at least in one case – prevented it from being used in an academic setting. So while I’ll always love the original brand, it was time for the site to grow up.

For fans of the old site, everything is still there. For newcomers, I hope you continue to return, follow me on Twitter and be helped in your playing by what the site offers. I look forward to continuing to roll out features and  improve the site with your feedback input.

So go ahead – take your passion and make it happen.


  1. Keep up the amazing work man. I learned literally a lot from you and I am sure tons of others too, I have never submitted a comment to any website on feedback, I found it shitty to do but there is an interest for this website and therefore I am going to share it with any of my friends who wants to learn guitar.

    1. Thanks Sajad. I appreciate the note!

  2. Very nice resource to reference chords and scales! Made it very easy for me , a beginner, to lean guitar!

    1. Thanks for the note Andy!

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