Standard Guitar, formerly known as Awesome Guitar Solo, started as an idea several years ago to help me learn scales and play them on a screen that was easy to use. A prototype was built in 2010, but shelved once complete. Almost three years later, I picked the idea back up as a project in a Human-Computer Interaction course offered on coursera.com.

Going through the class exercises made me realize it was a project worth pursuing, so I did some research and competitive analysis. I identified what was lacking with other similar sites and applied what I was learning to building a better resource. The list was long, but the major opportunities for improvement included:

I spent the next few years building something to address these shortcomings. I hope you find it useful. It’s been a fun project and I’m happy with how it’s turned out, though I’m hoping users like you will help me add to it over time. I welcome your feedback via the form found throughout the site.

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