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An image showing off the saved chord functionality

Unlimited Saved Chords

Our website includes a features for musicians – chord saving to your personal account! With a Standard Guitar Plus subscription, you get the benefit of unlimited chord storage, while the free version grants access to saving up to seven chords. Easily access and learn your most frequently used chords, making the learning process smoother and more enjoyable. Enhance your guitar skills with this user-friendly and practical tool!

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A Clean, Ad-Free Experience

Tired of pesky banner ads? We are too! Subscribe today and experience the site the way it was designed. Our ad-free experience ensures smooth sailing while supporting the site’s administration. Enjoy uninterrupted browsing and focus on what matters most – your passion for music. Subscribe now and embrace the clutter-free vibes!

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Diagrams of D major chords in various inversions

Chord Inversions

Up your playing by gaining access to chord inversions. These chords – often called “slash chords” change the voicing and sound of the chord in the song and take your playing to the next level.

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Support Standard Guitar

By subscribing, you become a vital supporter of our site! Your contribution helps cover the operational expenses, ensuring that we can continue providing top-notch features and a seamless guitar learning experience for all our users. Thank you for your support!

Enhanced Search

Find what you’re looking for faster with our enhanced search experience. This simple but impactful change provides a visual cue before you click on a result, helping you to move quicker through the site.

The Ultimate Resource for Lefties

Our premium “left-handed mode” is designed exclusively for left-handed musicians! With a simple toggle, we revolutionize your learning experience by seamlessly inverting all chords and scales on the website. No more mental gymnastics required to adapt right-handed resources; our left-handed mode ensures you can focus solely on honing your skills and playing without any unnecessary challenges.

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